Our History

The firm located in Acquasparta (TERNI) was founded in 1953 by Renato Leorsini.
Commercial activities were mostly carried on at "Terni Industrie Siderurgiche" (Steel Industries Terni) with the sole veichle driven by Renato.

In the 70s, the firm was further developed by Romeo Leorsini, Renato's son, who gradually increased the number of the veichles and founded the LEORSINI & C. s.n.c. in 1977.

The firm operates acording to the European standard UNI-ISO 9002 and has got the pertinent Quality Standard Certificate released by DET NORSKE VERITAS office, since 1993. In 1995, thanks to a specific business policy, Leorsini & C. obtained the same certificate also from the CERTITRANS Institute of Certification, in order to keep under control also the market of the chemical products trasportation.